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Services to fine tune your Financial Controls.



  • Tax Preparation: Whether you prefer to be hands-on or hands-off at tax time, we've got your back.  Several options are available from full service preparation and e-filing of your taxes, to double checking your work for that added piece of mind.

  • Tax Planning: Our tax preparation services don't just stop there. Once we understand your individual situation, we strive to provide the best guidance possible, providing you with the ability to make sound decisions all year long.

  • IRS Representation: Let's face it, everybody has an oops now and again, and the IRS is no different. If you ever receive a letter from the IRS, it does not necessarily mean there is any reason for alarm. Simply bring it by in a timely fashion, so that our Enrolled Agent can review it for accuracy or handle the situation on your behalf.


  • Accounting* / Bookkeeping : From managing daily transactions to periodic reporting.

  • Payroll: We can setup your very own payroll system or handle everything for you, from issuing checks to regulatory reporting.

  • Payables & Receivables: Payables and receivables are a crucial element to the operation of your business. We can assist with implementing best practices over these operations, or handle the process as a part of an overall bookkeeping function.

  • On-Site / Remote: We'll design the package that's right for you, whether we perform duties at your location or remotely, the choice is yours.


  • Reporting*: Help directors make informed decisions about the daily operations of your firm.

  • Entity Selection: Explain the differences between various entity structures, especially the associated tax consequences of each.

  • Internal Control: Provide guidance on proper internal control practices that can help mitigate the misappropriation of assets.

*Although we are not a CPA [certified public accounting firm], we provide tax planning and prep for our clients at the highest, most diligent levels. We are a credentialed Enrolled Agent working daily with the IRS, Financial Professionals, and Legal Institutions.

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