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  • Bookkeeping, payroll, and all tax matters services, including IOLTA compliant accounting practices.

  • Financial statement preparation for §501 applications/reinstatements.

  • Estate and Trust tax consultations/filings.

  • Tax considerations of divorce.

  • Financial statement reconstruction.

  • Basis reconstruction.

  • Enrolled Agent IRS representation.

  • We can work in tandem with you, providing a value-added service to your clients. We can work directly with your clients as well. 

Dollar Bills


  • Assist clients in making informed decisions regarding taxable events related to their investments.

  • Strategies to minimize the tax burden of inherited retirement accounts.

  • Sometimes 10% withholding is just not enough, we can provide guidance!

  • From 401(k)’s to IRA’s to SEP plans, we can analyze tax benefits to suit your clients’ needs.

  • Basis reconstruction to help minimize tax liabilities arising from the sale of long term and or inherited shares.

  • Have clients with Trust Funds? Those are right up our alley. We specialize in estate and trust taxation, as well as any associated returns and advisory services throughout the entire life cycle of the entity.

  • We can work in tandem with you, providing a value-added service to your clients. We can also work directly with your clients to keep it simple for you. 



  • Accounting Information Systems is our business!

  • Quickbooks experts for well over a decade. From Desktop to Online, we can tailor a chart of accounts and workflows specific to your business.

  • Advanced inventory specialization, including raw materials, work in progress, and finished goods.



  • From startups to seasoned businesses that have been around for decades, we can get you on your feet, or back on your feet!

  • Financial statement preparation/cleanup enabling managers/officers to make informed decisions.

  • Ongoing bookkeeping, payroll, and all matters of tax compliance.

  • Any and all business income tax returns, including Schedule C, Schedule E, all series 1120 forms, as well as all series 990 forms for tax-exempt organizations!

  • Basis reconstruction, including inside and outside basis.

  • Strategic tax advisory services concerning asset acquisition and/or disposal.

  • From owner operators to trucking companies, to bakeries, to bars and restaurants, we can tailor a solution to for your business.

Let's Get to Work.

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